“All schools can be effective schools.”
— Dr. Amanda VanDerHeyden

Dr. Amanda vanderheyden


Just as all children can respond to instruction (the key is to find the right instruction), all schools can be effective schools. For the last 20 years, Amanda has helped schools use their data to become more effective. She has built, refined, and studied now widely-used tactics including:

  • the Can’t Do/Won’t Do assessment

  • Academic screening measures

  • RtI decision models to guide allocation of instructional resources

  • Classwide math intervention

After a career as a district leader and faculty member at LSU and UCSB, Amanda started her own consulting business in 2007. Since 2007, she has given keynote addresses across the country to state departments of education and school psychology organizations in 28 states.

She has directed and evaluated school-wide improvement efforts with strong results on student learning; while gaining an appreciation for how hard it is to get effective tactics used consistently in classrooms.

During Amanda’s career, technology has become the new frontier of education. Amanda built Intervention Adviser and now Spring Math, bringing together all that she has learned about effective system improvement in schools: accurate and efficient assessment as a gateway to instructional enhancement, high-yield intervention delivery, and managing system change in schools, to help teachers help more children experience mathematics success.

She is fully engaged in the ongoing development and enhancement of Spring Math and considers it the most meaningful and fun work of her life so far.  

Dr. Paul Muyskens


Dr. Paul Muyskens has extensive experience in data-based decision making within an RtI framework and instructional intervention, as well as in leading software implementations to support these efforts. Paul has published chapters and peer-reviewed journal articles on topics including: assessment, curriculum-based measurement, and systems-level frameworks for effective data-based instructional decision-making.

Paul has over 20 years of experience supporting school district efforts in Response to Intervention, as well as software development and implementation, having led Response to Intervention initiatives in the Minneapolis Public Schools prior to coming to Sourcewell Technology (formerly TIES) in 2012.

Dr. Delonna Darsow

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Dr. Delonna Darsow is an experienced leader with a history of working in K-12 education.  Her tenure previous to Sourcewell Technology (formerly TIES) includes rural, parochial, and metropolitan school districts as a teacher, principal and district-level administrator. 

Delonna is skilled in the K-12 sector with expertise in data-driven decision making and analytics, organizational strategy, program evaluation, and educational technology with a Ph.D. in Program Evaluation from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

Lynn Lamers

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Lynn Lamers has over 20 years’ experience as a classroom teacher. Following her classroom career, she served more than six years as a district data coach and Math Coordinator.

Prior to joining Sourcewell Technology (formerly TIES), she was employed by two nationally-known assessment companies, traveling the country training districts on data-based decision making. Since joining Sourcewell Technology (formerly TIES) she has been helping districts implement and fully utilize our many software solutions.

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Ashley Protivinsky

Ashley spent seven years in the classroom teaching middle school math before working coming to Sourcewell Technology (formerly TIES).  She currently shares her passion with math as a vital member of the Spring Math team. You'll hear her voice in many of the Spring Math webinars along with our Spring Math overview video.

Additionally, she is an Education Technology Consultant presenting and training all over Minnesota and the Upper Midwest to a variety of educational audiences.